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My thoughts, ramblings, venting, also documenting Devanie's and Rozabel's milestones, achievements, pictures is what this blog is mainly for.
As well as getting to know other mommies, daddies, and their precious babies!!

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I usually reblog a lot of Disney, Tattoos, Disney, Penguins, Baby/Parenting things, marijuana, some NSFW on rare occassions, and anything that makes me laugh or interests me. I don't interact too much though on that blog (:.

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What do you want to know?
Last one <3 #carseatsafety #carseatsafetyforthelittles

Last one <3 #carseatsafety #carseatsafetyforthelittles

Tagged: carseatsafetycarseatsafetyforthelittles

  1. braedynandlily said: Thanks for posting all these! I’m always looking for new ones to post on Facebook because people’s carseat photos are going to give me heart failure. I figure if I post a million of them it’ll get through to some people. Hopefully.
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